Why Do My AirPods Mic Sound Muffled? Fix In Minutes!

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If your microphone comes with an audio jack, plug it into the sound card microphone port on your PC. If you have a USB microphone which has its own driver software, you’ll need to install the driver first and then insert the microphone into the USB port on your PC. Then on the Playback tab, you can see a list of audio devices which are connected to your PC. Now right-click an empty place from the tab’s devices list and choose “Show Disabled Devices” from the pop-up window to view all the disabled devices. In the same properties window, go to the Levels tab and check on the volume level of your Microphone.

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Just make sure that Teams are allowed to access the microphone and camera in Site settings. Although stock Android doesn’t have this option, some Android skins do allow completely blocking apps from asking for permissions. That’s why we recommend navigating to app settings and granting Microsoft Teams permission to access the microphone. If you’re still not able to hear through your speakers or headset, switch to your computer’s built-in speaker, earbuds, or another audio device.

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  • Test the audio quality of your wireless or wired headsets in this panel.
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  • That shiny metal cap provides contact points for charging the AirPod, and surrounds the primary microphone.

Improving the sound of your microphone is a simple task, and there are several things you can do to improve the sound quality. When your browser asks permission to access the microphone, click “Allow. Close all your tabs and windows and start recording afresh. To make this easy, Windows 11 includes a built-in tool to help you test your microphone. If you’re unsure how, here’s how to test a microphone on a Windows 11 PC.

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To clean the microphone opening, use a dry, soft-bristled brush to gently dislodge any particles. Another potential issue could be with the AirPods themselves. If your AirPods are dirty or have any buildup on them, it can cause microphone problems. You can clean your AirPods with a soft, dry cloth. The first thing to check is the microphone opening on the AirPods. If there is any debris or lint in the opening, it can cause problems with the microphone.

Some examples of tests that could be used for this purpose are the SIN, QuickSIN, download here and HINT. Microphone can provide you with a better experience when playing online games. That’s why microphones are so popular with game players. You may ask how to test my microphone after installing it to your computer. If you haven’t installed the microphone yet, please don’t worry.

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